Recording Redux

April 18, 2010

Recording Redux
Redux means revived, and I’m trying this new system with a 30 year old tape recorder intended to promote more posts. I don’t care if I write the same post over and over in different ways – perhaps better and better. I’ve got something on tape and am wondering if I’ll post now or after sleep. Erin says sleep on it. We will see.
Short, and should I write from memory? Or should I add more tweeters to my sound system. They could tweet more than I’m going to technologically do. I’m set for journalism with my 35mm film camera. I had a digital sound recorder, but it was stolen. I can rewrite from the 20th century, or buy new stuff. I’m impressed with some digital video, but it needs toxic batteries.
Anywho. Perhaps the reader will prefer more meat. How about KARZAI TO BE SHOT? With the question mark. I recommend the site There I read many similarities between Viet Nam and Afghanistan. The U.S. should withdraw rather than work with current Afghan administration.
To the tape. But first I’ll say I’m in pain. Because the mafia has given me cancer and from time to time they tweak it with poison and make it worse in pain. That’s how they work I’m here to tell you.
The U.S. is losing the war on drugs for the same reason they are losing the war in Afghanistan. The mafia. Karzai and their whole government is corrupt because of the opium crops that grow there, that cannot be eradicated because mafia money flows. It flows from U.S. teenagers who fund bullets and bombs to kill U.S. soldiers. There is no chance U.S. soldiers can win anything this way. At best the war is a mechanism for the rich munitions makers to get richer.
Now if we legalize drugs, maybe cancer patients get enough pain killers – because now I hear they don’t get enough, because the U.S. DEA prohibits doctors from writing enough prescriptions. I have heard this and do not believe this is an urban legend. For example, for some reasons I cannot even get my cancers diagnosed.
In legalizing, care must be taken that the same nasty evil people are not doing the distribution. New people must legally help. I wonder if the same crummy people are manufacturing alcohol, who were doing it in Prohibition.
They are torturing me now and hopefully they won’t be coming after you next. They do seem to be everywhere. More to follow…



February 17, 2010

Everybody Nose
So it seems I’ve been suffering every Friday of late. Perhaps the MOB has recovered my rubber stamp that said The stamp was in the blue and brown JanSport left on a bus with black passengers and a black driver. It did not show up at lost and found.
I added war themes to my best movies and books Profile recently. Defiance spoke of the good guys. Charlie Wilson died and gave the Afghans weapons to shoot U.S. thingees down. Some thought City of Thieves was a true story; but it’s not. In fact all these praises can be wiped out when it’s confirmed that the Jewish mafia is behind the torture of me and my cancer.
You might think that the Mafia would be satisfied with the money from their hookers and drugs, but no they have to torture me because I got in trouble at their bar THIRTEEN years ago. They are so evil we need to harness magic and the blood of Jesus Christ to defeat them.
About national politics I would like to comment every post. But PBS News thinks you can lead with “The President said…” every blasted day. In reality, they said “Health Care,” for a year and it was lost. The Democrats lost. News becomes more transparently garbage.

Cool Credit

December 4, 2009

Cool Credit
Well surprise me the Cavs orchestrated a win over Phoenix, who may have been in on the deal, if they are friends of Shaq, who seems to be a standup guy at all times.
Credit is due to the Cavalier players like LeBron James who helped see to it that the Cavs creamed the Suns and Zydrunis Ilgauskas was the leading scorer. I don’t know how they did that without the Suns laying down, but it’s possible. It is as skillful as wrestling. I’m sure that was something to see in any case, as it was decided the Cavs were going to pound these guys. They were up by 30. The coach, who fucked up the last game, could only congratulate his veteran.
They get to play the Bulls again and maybe it’s fixed again and the men should still be traded. Let me show how paranoia works. Final score: 107-90. This means 10 like the letter J triumphs against my 7. 107. These good guys beat the German 9 (for no) against the zero circle people (whom I decline to identify at this time.) 
But it wasn’t fixed?
I’ve got a rubber stamp new with my website on it. Maybe in Afghanistan they can trade its print for water. Some of us peaceniks I mean are good guys. The bad guys sell our druggies heroine. Also, because of the DEA, some of these illegal acts can be supported. So I’ve heard.
I can’t get my cancer diagnosed so maybe I’m looking at street vendor pain killers.  If you’ve got anything to say I’ll probably let it slide here.


November 8, 2009

Trade Lebron,  and Z.

            Because of the Bulls game.  Z was 0 for Nine.  This suggests he was sucking into the Chicago based international home of organized crime.  Goodbye Z.

            Same way with Lebron.  Against the Bulls, he wasn’t much of a “difference maker.”  We count on him to beat the criminal Bulls.  But he did not show up.

            Against the New York Knicks…

            “a playful night for James as he danced for the fans, mugged for the cameras and even slapped hands with Jay-Z…  He had hardly the same attitude in Cleveland the night before, when he didn’t seem engaged in the offence…”

            I watched them against the Bulls.  I did not see them against the Nicks.  We were home against Chicago.  And the coach stinks because he lost against the Sixers in a record setting game last year.  Delonte wanted to play.  Let him coach (with a shotgun?)


September 30, 2009

Like a piece of the puzzle. Not so much like the T-shirt that shows a handgun with its take on the proper response to the word “peace.” I’ve been tempted by the book Infidel to view some of the world conflict like the Crusades. (I mean, the bad guys cut off body parts, like I hear the mafia does.) When in college I shared bathrooms with Arab Airlines trainees, they left their ass sprinkle water on the toilet seats. This I did not respect, though they had better ping pong and soccer players than I was.
So here it is some years later…
Ha! I’m in so much pain. But my body has not been found inside a Yale wall.
Dennis Kucinich has a good comment when he says he’s concerned that Americans may be required to purchase health insurance, when in fact they cannot afford it. The mandate may be somewhat tyrannical…
St. Adelbert’s…
There is also some concern that the bishop of the Catholic Church is acting in a racist fashion in closing this black church, because it is operating in the financial black soundness. I hear there are other inner city stable churches shut for no apparent reasonable reason.
Alcohol and the mob…
I think I’ve had some difficulty purchasing healthy alcoholic beverages. The point is that in prohibition, the mob produced alcohol. Now that it is legal, they have maintained their competitive advantage in the manufacturing process. The beer plants are union controlled. When I fermented some apple juice, the bottles were poisoned when I left the house. This is not political, it is basic freedom issues.
The store bought beer has hurt my testicles. The homebrew hurt my throat.
Gambling and state of Ohio…
Casinos are on the ballot again. The voters keep voting it down. The bad guys keep putting it on the ballot towards our perdition. Legalized gambling is a bad idea. That the government has taken over the numbers racket doesn’t make it right. The mob, organized crime, is set to take over more financial enterprise. Because they are torturing me, I am biased that it’s a bad idea – these are bad people and it is unwise to help them.
Finally I repeat myself that global warming is a myth or fable. I highly suggest Global Warming Myth or Reality? The Erring Ways of Climatology, written by Marcel Leroux. I’ve also consulted An Appeal to Reason by Nigel Lawson and Global Warming Opposing Viewpoints edited by Cynthia A. Bily. Meta wonk on out.


August 14, 2009



            Maybe next time the post will be called “Peace.”  Last post called “War” needs to be read over by my counselor again.  Peace is a good thing.  The media is easily criticized for being pro-union and knee-jerk liberal.  However, now it has taken a Fascist turn.  This by supporting critics of health care reform.  Doctors are king of their uniformed fascist little girl world.  Doctors’ orders.

            Now is the chance for all us to ensure that all of us have access to medical care.  To say fear of losing our good gravy doesn’t cut it.  Tax the employer benefits until there are no poor no more.  Expand Medicare.  The movie Sicko shows there is something drastically wrong with private health insurance.  Cut costs.  Don’t be selfish – you can do it.  I understand Big Pharma may be the enemy.

            Good news is the government and President Clinton came to senses and stopped eviscerating North Korea.  Doomsday clock gets retarded a few clicks, thank you.

            The media is screwed up by constantly harping on Global warming.  Truth is, as presented by the Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism, we need not worry of fossil fuels and climate change.  Another good book is Climate Confusion by Roy Spencer.  Like my poem says, coal does not heat the outdoors.  This makes me a Cap and Trade skeptic, and hopefully the bill that passed the House will not pass the Senate.

            I’m watching less TV because poor reception with the new converter box limits quality time.  Aww, what a shame.

            Cash for Clunkers is a bad idea because it disables good vehicles.  Use the money for health care (see above.)  When they told us we needed to bail the banks, we didn’t hear “Costs too much.”  A Trillion over ten years is a good deal, and maybe people can pay something for their insurance.  Tax the rich can.

            The wise Latina woman said 6-7 times that she could come up with a better decision than a white male.  If it was once, it was excusable.  Now it seems we can expect nothing from Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

            Peace.  This is regarding Afghanistan.  If the war was against al caeda then maybe.  The Taliban are crummy human beings as discussed in the anti Muslim Infidel book.  But this doesn’t mean we have the right to send our bravest, our brightest, our youngest, to shoot rifle bullets at those sorry motherfuckers.  If I want to support Israel, let’s see what I say when they bomb Iran.  

            Finally, seven.  I was here first and it’s a good number when it comes to fighting organized crime.  Microsoft thinks it good to name their operating system.  If you see 7 scribbled on a subway, think sevnetus.


June 13, 2009

War, And You Wonder Why

            Hi!  I’m going to give you three reasons why there is going to be more war.  You don’t have to blame yourself, unless you want to.

            North Korea sells weapons.  That’s how they feed their starving people.  The U.N. Security council just approved boarding their boats, like they can’t sell weapons.  If the U.S. heeded the warning of Eisenhower about the Military Industrial Congressional Complex, and WE didn’t sell weapons, MAYBE OK.  Some people buy weapons to stay safe in peace, but the rules have made Korea one big suicide bomber.

            Today was conversion day and my TV cannot take a DVD player and converter box at the same time.  If I’m on my front porch in Appalachia…

            If I’m on my front porch in Appalachia, I’m cursing the government for selling out the American People’s airwaves for 20 billion dollars, and making all these TV’s obsolete.  A crime.

            Three.  Global Warming is not Man made.  EPA rules are a farce and reading Michael Crichton is enough to make you believe it’s like Eugenics.  I’m reading more because it’s black and white that Global Warming is a pitch by the government to take complete control.  It’s like Margaret Atwood and the Handmaid’s Tale.

            Duck and Cover.

Pushing Through

May 14, 2009


Here we go again.

            This comment was rejected from the Huffington Post.  It seems that the enemy has infiltrated her ranks.


Dear Arianna,

            You can ask Spitzer, “Should prostitution be legalized?  Should drugs be legalized?”

            You can ask Shiller the Yale economist, “Why don’t Republicans recognize that Economics 101 (Keynesian) Fiscal spending/ Stimulus package is good for the economy?”

            Also, “Have we recovered from Leyman Bros. failure so we can have a large bank fail, (Please) instead of giving them money?”

            Where is your recent banking piece from yesterday?


            They would not print this.  This was the mere suggestion that the government could run the whore problem better.  Drugs can be medically mitigated.  Come on we can do this!

            There were other economists on the panel she interrogated.  Econ 101 holds.the key to a bountiful rejuvenation of our status.  Money, and more money passed around – simple.  If one wants to press negatives, some say I have big ears.

            Screw the banks without a Depression.

            And furthermore, the transparent President denudes the proof that the U.S. is the Great Satan.  He will not release the torture pictures.

            Stop the War.


April 14, 2009



            The question is how many, how many pirate ships are to be sunk by the U.S. Navy off the coast of Somalia?  16, 20, zero?  The news says the pirates have called for reinforcements and I wonder what the Navy is doing there.  They should blow those boats away.

            The title of this post was going to have a number like 16 or twenty.  Or it was going to say the U.S. is wrong.  They are wrong about giving North Korea so much grief about launching a rocket.  They have a right to launch what they want – it did not have a nuclear warhead.  Those people are suffering too much, and the U.S. wants more sanctions?  They are all about 5’1” or five foot two because they are malnourished and starving.  The U.S. should help them, not hurt them or push them around.  Shame on the U.S.  Good thing Russia and China have some sense, so there won’t be any U.N. problems.

            The U.S. is wrong about Muslims, a two state Israel solution, and Afghanistan.  (Stop the War.)  According to the book Infidel, mainstream Islam is neither peaceful nor tolerant.  Also from the Koran.  They are also wife beaters, woman abusers and circumcisers.  The latter is torture.  These people deserve no sympathy from us.

            A second state could have been written in 1948.  But it wasn’t.  Palestinians deserve some autonomy, but Israel is still boss.  One state works.  If they go ahead and do two state for peace, that’s OK too.

            How many Afghanis have been killed?  They can stop when they get to 3000, like the Trade Center.  Just blow the tops off some of those mountains if they are not there yet.  Then, stop the war.  Play defense, defend some of the territory, but otherwise stop terrorists at our borders.  Use the CIA to infiltrate.  Monitor communications.  But stop the war paying off the military industrial congressional complex.

            I’m not saying I’m so smart because some of this stuff is obvious.

            And while they are being constructive, they should legalize heroine (with some medical care) and keep the profits away from organized crime and the Taliban with better law enforcement instead of corruption.  And if the newspapers don’t cover the corruption in unions and big construction, or the poisoning of innocent persons like me tonight from the stores, they can go out of business.  I’m in pain.


March 17, 2009



Swap The Worst President Ever for the 500 trillion dollars I heard exists in the form of credit default swaps.  This sounds high and maybe it was all derivatives, but I think I heard credit default swaps.  The point is that Bush allowed the lack of regulation to cause a probable melt down of the financial system.  I think these vehicles should be the first to fail as sucker bets.  And as speculation?  I understand they are similar to insurance if entities default on their financial obligations, and to the extent I understand it, these sound like sucker bets.  How much of the Tarp rewarded this behavior?  We don’t know because of a lack of oversight that was warned of on this blog, and early on.  The most swaps should be denied as possible.  This without sinking the system.  And as someone else said, banks that are too big to fail are too big.

And it’s time to pick on Charlie Rose again.  I’ve said before he should not be underestimated, but I guess he is not to be trusted either.  When he had the administration’s top Education person (Secretary?) on this week, Charlie failed to ask him about the controversy over a longer school day and year that is being proposed.  I think such lengthening is a very bad idea.  It is a further intrusion of government into the lives of minors, who seem to have few rights anyway.  Anybody who has anything to do with summer jobs and vacations probably thinks it’s a bad idea too.

The guest did mention he thought school should be available till 6 or 7 pm.  This sounds late, though students currently can stay late VOLUNTARILY if their schools haven’t had their extra-curriculars cut for finance.

On a more ridiculous note, Charlie’s voice has had way too much base lately.  This is a simple, ridiculous technical issue – is this to prove he’s a tough guy?  The education guy’s voice was normal.  So was Nancy Pelosi’s last night, but Charlie had more base than my music CDs.  The human voice doesn’t sound like that.  People need to sleep around here, and he knows his show is on late.  Tsk tsk.  I just turned him down, couldn’t make out what he was saying, but who cares what blandness he was thump thump serving up?  I heard most of her, and most of a great radio Cavs basketball game.