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November 12, 2010

Blame the Mafia
Blame the Mafia for the recent election fiasco. There is no reason to vote Republican otherwise. And I don’t blame you. Tonight I got poisoned twice with a bottle of sherry and a six pack of beer. They were meant to kill pain but made things worse. The country needs infrastructure, but if the bad guys get money for steel and concrete, forget them. We need education, but if the teachers’ union gets mob money, forget them. Manufacturing jobs? All the employers held out to extort Republican victories. Why – do you like mafia extortion? I don’t. They can go “F” themselves.

Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do. Tit for tat is what I’m saying the employers did. The rich need to be taxed largely because this country historically demands it. I’m talking about 95% like done during the Roosevelt years when he saved the country. And I explained to my counselor that historically the rich get taxed the SAME as the poor, with marginal rates. Which always happens according to 1985 rules.
Anyway, let’s soak the rich for 70% of the marginal rate of their income. Otherwise we need to come up with jobs…