Bloody Black Earth


Bloody Black Earth

            Hi!  I left a comment on another place where I said Islam should be stomped into the bloody black earth.  I was virulent and buzzed.  However I do not retract that Muslims are some of the most intolerant people.  It is in the Koran.  Thankfully my girlfriend has consented to read Infidel.

            My hero Margaret Warner reported today from the site of a bombing in Iraq where the blood ran in pools of water seven feet wide.  It was red and I probably would have barfed in person.  I’m not such a tough guy, but I want to get my shots in.  The bombing was by intolerant radical Moslems.

            The thread over there perhaps implied I was Christian or even Church defending Catholic.  Forbid.  The insensitive church closings show that maybe one should punch an insensitive priest or bishop for Jesus.  When I went to school they never apologized for the Inquisition, or promised it would not happen again.  I hope a woman or man does not get burned at the stake for growing medicinal herbs in the back garden.  We need to be vigilant.

            The U.S. pays lip service to being free.  May you be forever clear of Evangelicals.  On a radio show I heard an every day variety Mohamed phone proclaim that they would triumph.  Perhaps I will need their help against a certain Mafia.  I recently heard Machiavelli got his ideas from the Arab east before the Sicilians. Turn to stone.  My pain speaks volumes on a bloody black earth.


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