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May 5, 2010

Sympathy for Israel
When Israel attacks Iran they are going to need a lot of sympathy. Ships are going to be sunk in the Persian Gulf and gasoline will go up to like 10 dollars a gallon. Americans are not going to be happy.
I am in so much pain right now. Not only am I blaming it on the mafia, I’m blaming it on the Jewish mafia. They let me know it was them by breaking into my girlfriend’s car as we were shopping at a grocery store in a Jewish neighborhood. My cup was poisoned to the extent that I immediately felt pain after we returned to the vehicle and sipped the beverage. Who controls that neighborhood?
One state solution people get a break from me. They say G-d gave them the land and they don’t need to share it. I’ve been waiting to hear what if anything they are going to do for the Palestinians. According to Noam Chomsky on HuffPo the IDF are sniping at farmers near Gaza. One of my advisors calls the Palestinians dogs. Seriously. Maybe she’s right and the Palestinians deserve to be treated poorly. I don’t know.
It would be nice for America’s place in the world with Arabs if there was peace in the Middle East. However, as I’ve pointed out in the book Infidel, Islam is not peaceful nor tolerant. If you think of it, religions on their own are not tolerant – they each think they are number one. It is only because our government separates Church and state that we are not pushed around by our religions.
I’ve been coming down on the side of a swift exit from Afghanistan, in part because I don’t think the U.S can police the world to make it unsafe haven for terrorism. The world is just too big, and the U.S. does not have the right to invade every country. Maybe for Israel’s sake the U.S. should pick fights or wars with as many Muslim countries as possible. I’m just not supporting that.
I am thankful to a lot of Jewish people that I’ve met. If I’m up against this kind of mafia, there is hell to pay.