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Recording Redux

April 18, 2010

Recording Redux
Redux means revived, and I’m trying this new system with a 30 year old tape recorder intended to promote more posts. I don’t care if I write the same post over and over in different ways – perhaps better and better. I’ve got something on tape and am wondering if I’ll post now or after sleep. Erin says sleep on it. We will see.
Short, and should I write from memory? Or should I add more tweeters to my sound system. They could tweet more than I’m going to technologically do. I’m set for journalism with my 35mm film camera. I had a digital sound recorder, but it was stolen. I can rewrite from the 20th century, or buy new stuff. I’m impressed with some digital video, but it needs toxic batteries.
Anywho. Perhaps the reader will prefer more meat. How about KARZAI TO BE SHOT? With the question mark. I recommend the site There I read many similarities between Viet Nam and Afghanistan. The U.S. should withdraw rather than work with current Afghan administration.
To the tape. But first I’ll say I’m in pain. Because the mafia has given me cancer and from time to time they tweak it with poison and make it worse in pain. That’s how they work I’m here to tell you.
The U.S. is losing the war on drugs for the same reason they are losing the war in Afghanistan. The mafia. Karzai and their whole government is corrupt because of the opium crops that grow there, that cannot be eradicated because mafia money flows. It flows from U.S. teenagers who fund bullets and bombs to kill U.S. soldiers. There is no chance U.S. soldiers can win anything this way. At best the war is a mechanism for the rich munitions makers to get richer.
Now if we legalize drugs, maybe cancer patients get enough pain killers – because now I hear they don’t get enough, because the U.S. DEA prohibits doctors from writing enough prescriptions. I have heard this and do not believe this is an urban legend. For example, for some reasons I cannot even get my cancers diagnosed.
In legalizing, care must be taken that the same nasty evil people are not doing the distribution. New people must legally help. I wonder if the same crummy people are manufacturing alcohol, who were doing it in Prohibition.
They are torturing me now and hopefully they won’t be coming after you next. They do seem to be everywhere. More to follow…