Everybody Nose
So it seems I’ve been suffering every Friday of late. Perhaps the MOB has recovered my rubber stamp that said The stamp was in the blue and brown JanSport left on a bus with black passengers and a black driver. It did not show up at lost and found.
I added war themes to my best movies and books Profile recently. Defiance spoke of the good guys. Charlie Wilson died and gave the Afghans weapons to shoot U.S. thingees down. Some thought City of Thieves was a true story; but it’s not. In fact all these praises can be wiped out when it’s confirmed that the Jewish mafia is behind the torture of me and my cancer.
You might think that the Mafia would be satisfied with the money from their hookers and drugs, but no they have to torture me because I got in trouble at their bar THIRTEEN years ago. They are so evil we need to harness magic and the blood of Jesus Christ to defeat them.
About national politics I would like to comment every post. But PBS News thinks you can lead with “The President said…” every blasted day. In reality, they said “Health Care,” for a year and it was lost. The Democrats lost. News becomes more transparently garbage.


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