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Cool Credit

December 4, 2009

Cool Credit
Well surprise me the Cavs orchestrated a win over Phoenix, who may have been in on the deal, if they are friends of Shaq, who seems to be a standup guy at all times.
Credit is due to the Cavalier players like LeBron James who helped see to it that the Cavs creamed the Suns and Zydrunis Ilgauskas was the leading scorer. I don’t know how they did that without the Suns laying down, but it’s possible. It is as skillful as wrestling. I’m sure that was something to see in any case, as it was decided the Cavs were going to pound these guys. They were up by 30. The coach, who fucked up the last game, could only congratulate his veteran.
They get to play the Bulls again and maybe it’s fixed again and the men should still be traded. Let me show how paranoia works. Final score: 107-90. This means 10 like the letter J triumphs against my 7. 107. These good guys beat the German 9 (for no) against the zero circle people (whom I decline to identify at this time.) 
But it wasn’t fixed?
I’ve got a rubber stamp new with my website on it. Maybe in Afghanistan they can trade its print for water. Some of us peaceniks I mean are good guys. The bad guys sell our druggies heroine. Also, because of the DEA, some of these illegal acts can be supported. So I’ve heard.
I can’t get my cancer diagnosed so maybe I’m looking at street vendor pain killers.  If you’ve got anything to say I’ll probably let it slide here.