Like a piece of the puzzle. Not so much like the T-shirt that shows a handgun with its take on the proper response to the word “peace.” I’ve been tempted by the book Infidel to view some of the world conflict like the Crusades. (I mean, the bad guys cut off body parts, like I hear the mafia does.) When in college I shared bathrooms with Arab Airlines trainees, they left their ass sprinkle water on the toilet seats. This I did not respect, though they had better ping pong and soccer players than I was.
So here it is some years later…
Ha! I’m in so much pain. But my body has not been found inside a Yale wall.
Dennis Kucinich has a good comment when he says he’s concerned that Americans may be required to purchase health insurance, when in fact they cannot afford it. The mandate may be somewhat tyrannical…
St. Adelbert’s…
There is also some concern that the bishop of the Catholic Church is acting in a racist fashion in closing this black church, because it is operating in the financial black soundness. I hear there are other inner city stable churches shut for no apparent reasonable reason.
Alcohol and the mob…
I think I’ve had some difficulty purchasing healthy alcoholic beverages. The point is that in prohibition, the mob produced alcohol. Now that it is legal, they have maintained their competitive advantage in the manufacturing process. The beer plants are union controlled. When I fermented some apple juice, the bottles were poisoned when I left the house. This is not political, it is basic freedom issues.
The store bought beer has hurt my testicles. The homebrew hurt my throat.
Gambling and state of Ohio…
Casinos are on the ballot again. The voters keep voting it down. The bad guys keep putting it on the ballot towards our perdition. Legalized gambling is a bad idea. That the government has taken over the numbers racket doesn’t make it right. The mob, organized crime, is set to take over more financial enterprise. Because they are torturing me, I am biased that it’s a bad idea – these are bad people and it is unwise to help them.
Finally I repeat myself that global warming is a myth or fable. I highly suggest Global Warming Myth or Reality? The Erring Ways of Climatology, written by Marcel Leroux. I’ve also consulted An Appeal to Reason by Nigel Lawson and Global Warming Opposing Viewpoints edited by Cynthia A. Bily. Meta wonk on out.


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