Maybe next time the post will be called “Peace.”  Last post called “War” needs to be read over by my counselor again.  Peace is a good thing.  The media is easily criticized for being pro-union and knee-jerk liberal.  However, now it has taken a Fascist turn.  This by supporting critics of health care reform.  Doctors are king of their uniformed fascist little girl world.  Doctors’ orders.

            Now is the chance for all us to ensure that all of us have access to medical care.  To say fear of losing our good gravy doesn’t cut it.  Tax the employer benefits until there are no poor no more.  Expand Medicare.  The movie Sicko shows there is something drastically wrong with private health insurance.  Cut costs.  Don’t be selfish – you can do it.  I understand Big Pharma may be the enemy.

            Good news is the government and President Clinton came to senses and stopped eviscerating North Korea.  Doomsday clock gets retarded a few clicks, thank you.

            The media is screwed up by constantly harping on Global warming.  Truth is, as presented by the Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism, we need not worry of fossil fuels and climate change.  Another good book is Climate Confusion by Roy Spencer.  Like my poem says, coal does not heat the outdoors.  This makes me a Cap and Trade skeptic, and hopefully the bill that passed the House will not pass the Senate.

            I’m watching less TV because poor reception with the new converter box limits quality time.  Aww, what a shame.

            Cash for Clunkers is a bad idea because it disables good vehicles.  Use the money for health care (see above.)  When they told us we needed to bail the banks, we didn’t hear “Costs too much.”  A Trillion over ten years is a good deal, and maybe people can pay something for their insurance.  Tax the rich can.

            The wise Latina woman said 6-7 times that she could come up with a better decision than a white male.  If it was once, it was excusable.  Now it seems we can expect nothing from Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

            Peace.  This is regarding Afghanistan.  If the war was against al caeda then maybe.  The Taliban are crummy human beings as discussed in the anti Muslim Infidel book.  But this doesn’t mean we have the right to send our bravest, our brightest, our youngest, to shoot rifle bullets at those sorry motherfuckers.  If I want to support Israel, let’s see what I say when they bomb Iran.  

            Finally, seven.  I was here first and it’s a good number when it comes to fighting organized crime.  Microsoft thinks it good to name their operating system.  If you see 7 scribbled on a subway, think sevnetus.


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