War, And You Wonder Why

            Hi!  I’m going to give you three reasons why there is going to be more war.  You don’t have to blame yourself, unless you want to.

            North Korea sells weapons.  That’s how they feed their starving people.  The U.N. Security council just approved boarding their boats, like they can’t sell weapons.  If the U.S. heeded the warning of Eisenhower about the Military Industrial Congressional Complex, and WE didn’t sell weapons, MAYBE OK.  Some people buy weapons to stay safe in peace, but the rules have made Korea one big suicide bomber.

            Today was conversion day and my TV cannot take a DVD player and converter box at the same time.  If I’m on my front porch in Appalachia…

            If I’m on my front porch in Appalachia, I’m cursing the government for selling out the American People’s airwaves for 20 billion dollars, and making all these TV’s obsolete.  A crime.

            Three.  Global Warming is not Man made.  EPA rules are a farce and reading Michael Crichton is enough to make you believe it’s like Eugenics.  I’m reading more because it’s black and white that Global Warming is a pitch by the government to take complete control.  It’s like Margaret Atwood and the Handmaid’s Tale.

            Duck and Cover.


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