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Pushing Through

May 14, 2009


Here we go again.

            This comment was rejected from the Huffington Post.  It seems that the enemy has infiltrated her ranks.


Dear Arianna,

            You can ask Spitzer, “Should prostitution be legalized?  Should drugs be legalized?”

            You can ask Shiller the Yale economist, “Why don’t Republicans recognize that Economics 101 (Keynesian) Fiscal spending/ Stimulus package is good for the economy?”

            Also, “Have we recovered from Leyman Bros. failure so we can have a large bank fail, (Please) instead of giving them money?”

            Where is your recent banking piece from yesterday?


            They would not print this.  This was the mere suggestion that the government could run the whore problem better.  Drugs can be medically mitigated.  Come on we can do this!

            There were other economists on the panel she interrogated.  Econ 101 holds.the key to a bountiful rejuvenation of our status.  Money, and more money passed around – simple.  If one wants to press negatives, some say I have big ears.

            Screw the banks without a Depression.

            And furthermore, the transparent President denudes the proof that the U.S. is the Great Satan.  He will not release the torture pictures.

            Stop the War.