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April 14, 2009



            The question is how many, how many pirate ships are to be sunk by the U.S. Navy off the coast of Somalia?  16, 20, zero?  The news says the pirates have called for reinforcements and I wonder what the Navy is doing there.  They should blow those boats away.

            The title of this post was going to have a number like 16 or twenty.  Or it was going to say the U.S. is wrong.  They are wrong about giving North Korea so much grief about launching a rocket.  They have a right to launch what they want – it did not have a nuclear warhead.  Those people are suffering too much, and the U.S. wants more sanctions?  They are all about 5’1” or five foot two because they are malnourished and starving.  The U.S. should help them, not hurt them or push them around.  Shame on the U.S.  Good thing Russia and China have some sense, so there won’t be any U.N. problems.

            The U.S. is wrong about Muslims, a two state Israel solution, and Afghanistan.  (Stop the War.)  According to the book Infidel, mainstream Islam is neither peaceful nor tolerant.  Also from the Koran.  They are also wife beaters, woman abusers and circumcisers.  The latter is torture.  These people deserve no sympathy from us.

            A second state could have been written in 1948.  But it wasn’t.  Palestinians deserve some autonomy, but Israel is still boss.  One state works.  If they go ahead and do two state for peace, that’s OK too.

            How many Afghanis have been killed?  They can stop when they get to 3000, like the Trade Center.  Just blow the tops off some of those mountains if they are not there yet.  Then, stop the war.  Play defense, defend some of the territory, but otherwise stop terrorists at our borders.  Use the CIA to infiltrate.  Monitor communications.  But stop the war paying off the military industrial congressional complex.

            I’m not saying I’m so smart because some of this stuff is obvious.

            And while they are being constructive, they should legalize heroine (with some medical care) and keep the profits away from organized crime and the Taliban with better law enforcement instead of corruption.  And if the newspapers don’t cover the corruption in unions and big construction, or the poisoning of innocent persons like me tonight from the stores, they can go out of business.  I’m in pain.