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Forget It

February 17, 2009

Forget It  Charlie Rose
Normally this is the day to say thank you, for getting these high brows to testify to the truth of American War Power waged on earth. Today is the day that congress sold out the peoples’ air waves. These crooks made money by selling TV airwaves, so peoples’ televisions won’t work. Sometimes Dexter Filkins and Martha Raditz are good enough. Not now, Charlie Rose. Forget You.

P.S.  2/25/09  By way of explanation, the anger accompanying this post springs from the notion that it is time to wind down the Iraq war.  Mr. Rose’s guests provided a business as usual approach to the war.  Charlie should know better that he is responsible for what he lets his guests get away with.  My point is that the time is now to rescue the American soldiers from their plight.  Win, lose, or draw, the war is over.  Ethnic cleansing or civil war, the American role is over.  If the Muslims kill each other, this is a bonus as there will be fewer to deal against later if necessary.  OK maybe we get some military bases in Anbar.  Bye-bye Green Zone.  Sorry Charlie.