War Crimes


War Crimes

            Way to go Israel, you just lost anther war.  Are you going to use cluster bombs this time?  Maybe ones made in the United States?  The whole world is watching as you devastate a civilian population.

            I was ready to support you and a one state solution.  But I’m a little busy right now fighting off the pain from heart poison, testicle pain, and aggravated lung cancer:  aggravated from doings of the Jewish Mafia.

            What I want to know is if this is what Hitler had in mind:  Stop the Mafia.  Well?  One State?  Two State Solution?  Final solution?  I’m just posing the question because I’m in a lot of pain and it looks like the Jewish Mafia.

            I saw the movie Valkyrie and I gave it an 8 out of ten when my father asked.  Sure there was a lot of German soldiers running around.  But half of them were trying to bomb Hitler.  I don’t know, you watch the movie if you can stand giving up the money to a Hollywood steeped in sin.  It was filmed on location, if this makes a difference.

            My left brain cancer is acting up, so I better go and see you on the flipside.


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