Bridge to Pakistan


Bridge to Pakistan

            When the NTSB came out with their report on the collapse of the W35 Bridge in Minnesota, they noted over half a million pounds of construction material on the bridge’s weakest point.  I believe the bridge was taken down by the mafia, as extortion to receive money for “infrastructure.”  This was done with water, sand and vehicles – intentionally.  Because that’s the kind of people they are.  They are not as harmless as fixing the sports games. 

            The Main Stream Media, or MSM, won’t tell you this because they are bought and paid for and have no guts.  They should go bankrupt, like the auto industry.

            I’m in pain now and get poisoned from multiple consumer products.

            The goose in Pakistan is cooked.  If there is such a thing as war with a nuclear power, you’re watching it now.  Expect more drones near Afghanistan.  This kind of thing is better left to the professionals.  This was India’s 911 and they have had problems before.  I don’t know what Rice said to India.

            I told you they were better off with Musharraf.  Now the ISI seems more out of control.  As Rice said, the terrorism is the country’s responsibility.  It is good that their troops rolled up the one camp, but that is not enough.


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