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Spectator Sports Goes

June 5, 2008

Spectator Sports Goes


            Time to mention this issue again.  Not to get too excited, but the point is worth making.  Too much spectator sports are too much.  Maybe viewing sports can be a little relaxing, to calm some jangled nerves, because the outcome, like flipping a coin is not going to be too bad or negative.  But for three reasons, don’t waste your time.  And I’ll be brief because the topic bums me out.

            First spectator sports are militaristic.  All those uniforms and order taking.  Some of us think Viet Nam and Iraq were bad ideas.  Self defense for you and yours is necessary, but I’m glad I’m too old for the service.  Some us think too much militarism is too much.

            Second, they are gay.  Teams are made up of the same sex.  Not much women’s football these days – and if you’re gay, you’re lucky the NBA is playing in their shirts and shorts.  You can figure out a way to be my friend, because I don’t need any more grief.

            Third, they are fixed by gambling interests.  On any given Sunday, the result can be manipulated.  Time and time again it looks to me like someone is pulling their punches, a phrase from boxing shenanigans.

            All this is just in time for the Olympics.  All of this applies, though maybe to a lesser degree.  I wouldn’t bet on any of the basketball games though.  It’s better to participate, where the exercise keeps one healthy.

            So participation in healthy athletics is recommended.  When I was young, I was warned about watching too much baseball, but alternative activity was lacking.  I now recommend poetry, listening to the sound of it orally, or reading.  Reading in general helps.

            Again, how about Make Love, Not War.  Sex is fun.  It’s possible some of you, for some reason, don’t like sex.  We’ll still talk to you, but you’re on a short lease.  So spend some time with your kids, and teach them something, like how to fish or something.  And if guys spent the time working on their marriage instead of soaking up the sports bill of goods they are being sold, they would be happier.

            And I hate to be negative, but a reason for this post is that I’m still feeling painfully tormented by organized crime.

            News is that organized crime has taken over the whole country of Mexico.  This is from late night radio.  They control the crossing the border trade, where illegals are charged money and harassed by the criminals, who are the drug cartels.  There’s huge drug trade.  Maybe I wouldn’t mind, but I’m getting tortured.  Lots of honest police are resigning because they don’t want to be murdered.  I was talking to the bookstore lady about the next peace rally, but maybe we should take on Mexico (it’s been awhile.)  The way things are going, crime is going to take over THIS country, if they haven’t already.  Peace, War, I’m hoping for the best.  I still think they’re going after Iran for better or worse.  Other than on sports and bad guys, I’ll spare you my opinions for now.  Also I welcome ideas or other contributions.

            P.S.  Someone is coughing in my hallway, so it sounds like I’m hitting a nerve.  I don’t think it’s the fascists.