One Minute Warning

The One Minute Warning

            Trying to be positive with a little editing, I front load this a little.  First, if all else fails talk about the weather that has turned the corner.  Spring!  It’s warmer, and the clear skies were a bonus lately.

            Secondly, all of you with a special somebody of the opposite sex may be thankful you’re so lucky.  Even if it’s temporary.  Married, great.  If you’ve got kids and/or living parents, wonderful.  These are most important things.

            Thirdly, a guy walks into a bar, no, a grocery store.  He’s got a black eye and his friend says, “What happened to you!”  Guy says, “I was fighting for my girlfriend’s honor.”  The friend says, “Looks like she was trying to hold on to it.”  This is from a book I’m reading, The Welsh Girl, by Davies.

            Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

            Usually you have heard of the 2 minute warning in football games.  But then these are not the best of times, however weird.

            There was a Wal-Mart worker, a cop, and a priest at the door.  A joke, no, I wish.  I’m pretty sure it was the Wal-Mart worker who said, “You have three minutes left.”  Then a male voice said, “You have one minute left.”  Somehow I lost two my nuts. Or could I still keep one?

            In real terms I’m having enough pain so that I worry about my cajonnes the Mafia seems so obsessed with.

            I wrote against the Mob in a comment, but then Erin took down her post.  It’s to be published in print only.  I continue to wish her well.

            Maybe it was heard that I’m presently going neutral in the Pennsylvania primary, and saying I could vote for Obama in the general election.  This would be to ignore two R’s, Wright, and Rezco.

            Also, I am strongly against the Mexico fence, for environmental reasons.  I think there must be better ways, like fining employers, for dealing with illegal immigration.  I heard that there are tons (20 or more is a guess) environmental regulations that the Bush administration is overriding.

            Recently I was informed one of my emails from yahoo failed to go through to a gmail person.  I don’t understand if the filter sent it into something like bulk, or just evaporated it as spam.  This is more than symbolic if not implicit direct evidence of the collapse of Western Civilization.

Finally I want to write in support of Moses, who may or may not have been using psychoactive substances when he brought down the Ten Commandments, the kabbalah, and the 613 mitzvoth, (sp.) More than half of these don’t apply if we don’t live in Israel.  Or if we are not considered Jewish, exactly.  I say if natural substance pharmacology puts us in closer contact with our God, then more power to us.


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