She reminds me of a Patti Smith tune, Dancing Barefoot.  I considered spelling it Sea, like Sean or Seamus, but then it’s not quite right.  She is my ex-girlfriend.  I’d love to yell her name from the rooftops, but I can’t because of this dirty business.  I still write her love letters, so I won’t name her when I say I’m being tortured to death by the Mafia because of some hooker business.  They won’t leave me alone, so I’ve got to convince people that my problem is their problem too (in order to get some help.)

            Do you think Hilary is going to run another Sopranos commercial?  I hope not.  Do you think she’s going to debate and say we are all Family here?  I don’t think so, these are reasons I don’t support her, though I’ve been connected (to her) in the past.  We have to get rid of the unions, because of the Mob.  General Motors offered a buy out to all of their hourly workers.  For all intensive purposes, this is a country where GM doesn’t exist any more.  Entertainment, like movies and TV, worship the Mob, so they have got to go too.  Blockbuster has been stealing twenty dollars a month from me, because they could.

            So I fucked up a bar, because I could, and they are torturing me to death 12 years later.  They could let it go, but they don’t, so I cannot either.  I was a good Catholic – Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Eucharist, and Reconciliation, all that was not good enough, nor was my immersion in the Jewish faith.  What has been revealed to me is a knife, a fake holiness where impersonators break into my apartment and mess with my fluids and pills.

            For now it’s enough to let you know that this fight is your fight.  I swear Obama said if one man is not free, no one is free.  We are not free because of the Black Hand, and they are so stupid.  It’s going to take superhuman effort, and your good vote, to erase them.  Maybe issue by issue (keep pro choice,) we have to go hard right.  Maybe.  And maybe you should reach out and disrespect a Mobster …


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