Going In with TV’s, No Light Bulbs


Going In with TV’s, No Light Bulbs

            About Paki’s, light bulbs and TV’s.  I hear Pakistan’s got 40-70 nuclear devices, and two neat submarines to deliver them.

            In February 2009, at least three quarters of our televisions won’t work any more, because it has been legislated that air signals be digital.  I think this is corruption to sell more TV’s and the crooks win, and the poor person loses.  He must buy a converter or a new TV.  Maybe this makes it easier to track what you watch.

            Similar maybe is the fact that the light bulb has just been made illegal by an Act of congress.  The cheap vehicle that poor people light their worlds with is banned.  I think this is government oppression.  Lighting is going to be so expensive.  This may be about energy use but it costs the poor person and it’s not fair.  I don’t think global warming is real; it’s just an excuse to pass bad, oppressive laws.  If you take away the internal combustion engine, the economic forces MUST help the poor people first.  I think there can be controls that help alleviate hunger, disease, and homelessness.  Responsible breeding may be promoted and choice is allowed.

            Regarding Musharaf, maybe the whole country of India is mad at me because I said something good about him.  As if the US has a right to push them around, Musharaf did what they asked.  He did what they asked; he took off his uniform and scheduled elections.

            Why the change in story on how she died – bullets vs. bumping her head?

            Bhutto was pretty rough on Musharaf.  It could have been the army.  I read where Musharaf felt Bhutto double crossed him after he allowed her into the country without facing corruption charges.

            France, Britain, and the US governments have offered assistance.  Hilary said there’s no reason to trust their government, and she’s right.  I don’t know what to do because I don’t have Intelligence Advisors.  But I think we should be ready to secure their government and their nukes.

            Hardliners within the Pakistan regime are extremist.  Musharaf is trying to stay alive.  I’ve heard conflicting reports that he’s confronted the Taliban in the Northwest, and that he’s been too soft on them.

            I believe it was those hardliners who killed Bhutto, who said she’d work with just about ANYBODY to oppose Musharraf.  I ask in the context of life and death politics, did she deserve what she got?  I do know she was a very brave lady who wagered her life and lost.

            We’ve got military bases there already, but I don’t know what we can do.

            Also I’m in physical pain from sources that make me wonder how great our government is anyway.


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