To Clarify, Again

Game 7 is the final game of a series where the victor needs to win four games. Best of Seven. Last time there was a Seinfeld joke where the Soup Nazi, a purveyor, would deny the customer if said customer did not kiss ass to person and soup. I understand game 7 does not occur in cricket, soccer or rugby. The Indians were denied. Perhaps the fix was in, as with most of this baseball stuff. I do know that about 1975, on opening day, Frank Robinson had the necessities to hit a home run as manager, player-manager, of the Cleveland Indians. I know because I skipped school to be with the 70 some thousand fans who saw it.

About the urgent military necessities, it looked like I was agreeing with Bush. And I was to a limited extent. I believe that in Iraq there are such necessities. I believe the war effort can be drawn down, scaled back, and pulled out. Say excuse us, we are sorry we tortured all you guys, goodbye. Deal with oil on a world market where we are so screwed because of demand from China and India. Ask why the Moslem countries with the oil in the ground and the weakening dollars flowing in, are picking on the U.S.


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