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September 19, 2007



            I need some place to go.  I have someplace to go.

            Blogging is something I do.  I’m tickled pink that I’ve gotten thoughtful comments on what I’ve put forth.  I’m thankful, because it has given meaning to my whole past single life I’ve been concerned with.  Also I’m doing now.  Let me restate now.

            I study poetry to make my prose better.  I don’t like reverse discrimination.  I don’t like fascist homosexuality, for example.  Lesbians who preach a woman only needs women do a disservice and are the enemy.  I’m sorry but the culture of prudery and same sex proponents do us a great disservice.  Make Love, not War.

            Other than that I’m trying to build a good guy network.  Read my writer friends and they’ve been bland and not commented on my blog.  One whom I owe a very lot too has guests I don’t want, so I comment infrequently on her blog.  Another I’m going to list for free, just to be connected.

            I’m reading blogs and finding people based on my quality books, movies and music.  WordPress has poetry and politics, and these thoughtful people are welcome here.  I resolve to be nicer in my comments; for example I stumbled into a radical Mormon and I’m sorry I was a little nasty.

            I’m in physical pain so I blame the Mafia:  Italian, Russian, and/or Jewish.  They keep hurting me, so I think we should blow them up.  I’d rather be a uniter than a divider, but Regan was one of our worst presidents and if that’s a deal breaker, so be it.

            Onward I explore the blogosphere and hope to make connection.  Thank you.



            Edit by toning down the Lesbian enemy by necessity.  Can the caste system be minimized.  And can my social position by improved, even if it currently is not believed?

             P.S. 9/18/07  Edited today.  I’ll try again next time to say something similar, to get it right.  Can you help me make peace with the Man-haters?   


Black Surprise – Get Someone Else

September 6, 2007


Edited 9/5/07  Mom says I should (…) 

Black Surprise – Get Someone Else



            I am afraid I have to shave my head.


            So I went to the Post Office and I went after them and I took a swing and missed.  Now I don’t use the lights on my bike anymore since this black cop wrote me a 85 Dollar ticket today.  Now every black is the (…) word, and every cop is a (…)



            Well I can‘t use this right now.  Change the title.  Keep the title.

            Black cop; 85 dollar fine, set up – the blacks are against me.

            I do not think I can use 8/8.

            Publish the poem?

            100 # wire, corrupted.



            Still I can’t use this.  I should be in the other black book.  My life seems pointless if I can’t make the blog work.  And it needs more excitement.  I’ve missed (“Xena”), and she’s still gone, only I’ve bumped into her.  I should have got (“Shelly’s”) phone #.



            Black surprise – get someone else.  Black spring?


            Black Spring is a Henry Miller book, and I’ve got a knack for finding people in this way with Blogger help.  Today I used Sideways to sort by, and I found a professional journalist who used his personal blog to refer me to a San Francisco newspaper article by someone else and I was not impressed. It was by and about a woman whose parents remodeled their kitchen.  Pathetic and who cares.  Go figure.  Then again I similarly checked out this Lady from the English Empire who chooses to live in Sicily.  I could not resist, I should ask “why?”  She explained where and what she had for lunch with many pictures.  This same day I had brats (prime meat wieners, not cake,) with old mushrooms, diced tomatoes, garlic cheese sauce, and pasta shells.

            After the pool and air pump someone yelled “Thank you name,” and later during the ball game they advertised Ricoh company and my balls hurt from the mob and I’m thinking these ace governors want to intimidate using Rico anti-racketeering threat.  And I will mention the ball game although I think it is gay to watch so much baseball when I don’t have a girlfriend.  Watch I did as the home first place Major League professional baseball team, in front of a sold out stadium, won 7 to nothing.  It was nationally televised on WGN also.   Mr. Byrd, the Cleveland Indians pitcher, had a two hitter going into the ninth.  Although the White Sox loaded the bases, the warming bullpen was not needed for this complete game shut out.  This is an eight game winning streak.  And the crowd went wild, like they did when all those runs scored.

            And I hear Appalachian State blocked The University of Michigan’s field goal to win today.  I must say it doesn’t get any better than this, though sports are a coin toss.  Sometimes heads or tails is not so bad, rather (relief.)


            I’ve calmed down regarding the cops and the Negroes.  My bike got stolen two weeks before by blacks I strongly believe.  Every day is a challenge, and my hair is cut very short.  I always think of the tune, “Almost cut my hair – happened just the other day…It’s getting kinda long.  But I didn’t, and I wonder why?  It’s like I owe it to … someone!”

            The video on PBS seemed to show them guys burning to death in a flipped over Bradley.  I mean you can’t get out the top, if it’s the bottom.  We owe it to them.  And you can quote me saying I’m glad to see that flamer Gonzalez go because he rewrote the book on torture in a very bad way.

                        There’s a whole paragraph on Romeo and Juliet missing since I went out.  My testicles hurt.  I said if they would have taken my advice, and found someone else, they could have lived happily ever after.