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August 7, 2007



            This post begins on a rather serious note, as the title word describes no less than: a) the result of the recent War between the Sexes and b) the personal position I find myself in as having no wife, no kid, and no girlfriends for years.

            This is not China where there are rules about child numbers and the girls are aborted.  This is the U.S., where there is one Me Generation after another, and not enough young worker bees to support the Baby Boomers in retirement.  This is a result of popular culture influences, like TV, cable TV, movies, and novels.  So now we’ve got women like I complained in the last post, and we’ve got lonely guys like me.  I say the social contract broke down when I finished college and there was no good job for me.  So it was year after year of crummy jobs ‘till I find myself in this undefined spot.

            There are no delusions of grandeur here.  I’d like to try to run this socially conscious network.  Originally this was to include web site design, and as soon as I have the people power in place, I’ll let you know.  When I can put links on the right side of this blog, I will.  When the bad guys stop torturing me…  I don’t know.

            I do know I’d like to write like Henry Miller (Anais does it too,) and be a writer right here.  I read a few blogs and will challenge the academicians and other pros to be substantive.  To comment more is one way to grow this blog; so, “Hello.”



            Regarding Minneapolis, I suggest it was sabotage.  We will see what we can do.  I am in pain.  How bad is bad.  Bad.  You can help.


Now 2

August 1, 2007

Now 2


            It is unclear to me why I must go out of my way to attack the Mafia.  That is, outside of the continuous pain I encounter from various entities I ingest.  OK I’m administering this blog, this Network of do gooders.  So far it’s an unpaid position.  In fact I’ve given up home internet access that could have been paid from revenue.  I’ve written how Time Warner and AT&T are not worth the money or the hassle.

            The library helps sevnetus.

            Here’s the new address to send your pennies, millions and billions:

            (Do you hear me Sheldon Adelson)


            13829 Cedar Rd. #306

            S. Euclid, OH  44118

            Same zip.  Otherwise we lost the apartment number 7.  Same network receiving the same gifts of the Holy Spirit.

            Maybe it’s because no one else will do it.  I’m hear to tell you that that commercial with the fool singing opera and cutting photo booth photos has got to go.  At least this Iraq war has got to go.  We cannot spread this system of government that allows the Black Hand organizations to assault people like me at will.

            No War.

            Make Love, Not War.

            Furthermore, these United States have another thing coming.  If something big and bad happens, maybe it’s military people.

            “My mother is mine.”


            I’m returned from the bus stop, not to go swimming tonight, though I could use the exercise.  On hindsight this looks like some of my crappier writing, but maybe I can save and post.

            I’ve had a lot of pain and this bothers me.  Enough to call off the Iraq war.  Enough to call out the Church for its unhealthy symbiotic relationship with the Mob, even though I know I can’t take what they’re dishing out.  I’ve got 16 years of education, a prayer group, and fairly recent Sacraments on my side.  I don’t know for sure Who it is.

            There’s other social commentary this blog is good for.  Maybe a poem soon.  This is important.  The Doors tune goes, “When you’re strange, women seem wicked.”  Well I’m not, but women seem unavailable to me politically speaking, maybe because I’m poor, politically speaking.  But also because they’ve been conditioned by the Mob to be prude, Lesbian, mean, hookers, independent of partnership, or paranoid.  Of course there are those of committed relationships like marriage

            I can understand this, and if I get embarrassed by comment, maybe I’ll edit, retract, or heaven forbid, apologize.  I should Blog more, like comment and spread the word.  Good Luck and Have Fun.