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April 19, 2007




Imus was a popular shock jock radio personality of national proportion.  He is no longer.  My expression of position on the subject continues to evolve.  At first I would like to say nothing, because it is a lose-lose proposition.  Second, I took the position that I did not want to stand up for him, because I’ve heard of him saying distasteful, discomforting things before.  And I did not like him, because I thought of him as too right wing extreme.  So I did not listen, and said that he has lost a free speech battle for us.  I said his speech was too bigoted.

            Now I’m reconsidering.  Nappy haired, or nappy headed, is descriptive, and nowhere near as bad as the N word.  I don’t think some one should lose their job for using the phrase.

            He probably got canned for saying, “hos.”  Prostitution is TABOO in this repressed country.  The repression drives up price and availability (supply.)  Before I’ve said “Hookers in a specific place.”  Maybe it’s not a primary purpose of this blog to be so specific or repetitive.  They are everywhere.

            We have gotten more and more prude and repressed.  This is changed, so that now I say Sports are gay, fascist, militaristic and corrupted by gambling interests.  That’s a lot, and part of the reason it is expressed is because I don’t have a girlfriend, wife, or kids.  What has been done to me is genocide.  Genocide.

            Make Love, Not War.  Sex and violence are in some ways interchangeable, and people have preferences.  This thing about Gates was rooted… The military is basically same sex and there’s more to this, like Hitler’s storm troopers were at one time exclusively homosexual, for a significant time.  Many individuals try to remain normal, I’m sure.  And I’m not trying to get the police angry at me.  I will say if people got laid more they would not be beating on their fellow man.


Gates … is wrong

April 13, 2007

(This has been edited.  The headline used to be “Gates is a nappy haired ho fag.” These terms will be discussed in the next post on Imus and more.) 

Save.  That was the end of his career.  At first they said he wanted to get rid of Guantonimo, but no, it still stands.  The F…         You can’t do that, extend the tours.          Look, there’s no one to fight.  Kick down doors and torture the inhabitants?  Ride around and get blown up?  There is nothing else to say except this war is cooked up by Bush to make BILLIONS for his cronies, and cause a fascist state here in
U.S.  Make Love not War.  Do you feel Lucky?
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April 9, 2007



            Philosophy came up with Logical Positivism, Linguistic Analysis, and the Philosophy of Science, including Probability.  I am not to explain all this here, if I could, but will say I think the concepts are ingrained in my thought patterns.  The guy who did explain it was one who so thoroughly spoke in paragraphs.  I merely drop the terms here to excuse that I will write fleetingly of what I heard at an exciting political lecture.  Maybe I can keep to the spirit of silence on the matter, and this will obviously not be a wide open essay on the matter.

            It is so serious, that the subject is to be kept under the radar, in my manner of speaking, though I spilled beans in a counseling session as a result of being harassed.  I had mentioned it on a pay phone, before I realized that this really is that big, and should have been secret – perhaps.  Is it as secret as how to build ships in bottles?  I don’t know.  Is it secret society secret and serious?  Perhaps I still don’t connect dots.



            So I took a break and wondered what I wanted to say and why.  Maybe also this is bad writing because I have to explain that I asked the lecturer if I could write on my personal blog that never had a comment, about what I heard this night.  He said probably not.  One, it didn’t feel right to call this personal, and two, according to probability which is so important to science, I can write about it.  However I don’t yet feel comfortable.  Thus the fleeting silence.

            I decide the writing is of a style, perhaps (…) ?  I don’t care, maybe cryptic is in order.  Let me ask this, if a former president writes a bad book, can one get in trouble with the Secret Service for criticizing the book?  I surmise so.