Steele and Thank You

Steele and Thank You                                                                             2/20/07I don’t think the network is doing so well.  I hit the send button, and I felt awful.  It took a couple more days to send again, but I did, one half at one time, a total of well over a hundred, maybe two, hundred email addresses.  The response I got was on the phone from my brother.  What’s this blood thicker than water thing?  He knew who Bobby Steele was.  What are the odds, that my bro who spent one year at this possibly God forsaken high school would help out.  These people apparently haven’t seen It’s a Wonderful Life.          Secondly, I think I’m going to turn to these lady bloggers for community.  I love them.  I’ve met most of them.  My #1, go to blogger I probably won’t ever meet.  Another one was/is my favorite writer.  I don’t want to kiss up to her because she’s so powerful.  I used to search the paper to see if she had a column in today.  Most likely a book review.  And her husband’s pretty cool too.         
Erin is great.  I don’t want her phallic people over here though, so I’ve been sparse on commenting on her blog.  But that is what I must do, I guess.  And write more here (where I can edit,) because invariable if I go on at length I’m going to say something stupid, or something that will look unfashionable five years hence.  One lady I love to death in person, but I haven’t bought any of her books.
          Another wrote A New suit for Charon, and I am overwhelmed.  I think she’s warming to this medium, and I’ve been remiss in obtaining her free publication.          That’s five.  They are all women, and I’m not.  What develops?          There are more of these personal bloggers.  They make my world go round.  I’m not sold on this … this thing where the news people cannot upload as fast as my cheapest cable modem.          At one time I was going to cold call to promote our web design.  I’m not there yet.  And do we do pay pal or not?  Hmm.  You can ask me questions.          Also I’m in pain, and I think it’s the bad guys again.  This and an inspection, like how much stress can a person field?  More soon — I’m to go comment on the realities.          Oh, and I almost forgot.  My post did not show up on that network for good thing, which is really a Technorati venture and I’m not signed up with them either.          My thread on message board for social networking at AOL has got no response either.          On my space I was sleepy and accidentally used my first name instead of the network’s and I tried to back track but they wouldn’t let me.  I did not return their email confirmation, but maybe I can be myself on my space, if I ever care.          P.S. 2/21/07  Allow me to end a bit more upbeat.  These things, including the Religious Order thing may yet work out well.


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