To My High-Schoolers

This is what I’m sending to my H.S classmates:            

                                                                                                                 1/28/07                      Hi Guys!

          You’re doing well, I hope.

         Who was Bob Steele?  Did he have a nickname? 

         Here is my blog:  simultaneously at and (in case of administrative snafu) – and  They are virtually identical – of one cloth.  You may find it important, amusing, embarrassing, provocative, boring, and/or unbelievable.  May you have continued comprehensive prosperity.                                                 Xxxxxxxx ‘79 

This version below did not make the cut: Transcription of what was written at Wendy’s today, referencing David Mamet and The Writer in the Restaurant:


Hi Guys,

          Just a note to say hello and plug my blog.  What I’m doing may be important.  I’ve been to the doctor today, and the line of succession for our CEO, CFO, COO, and Chairman (myself,) may be deferred a little while longer.

          Perhaps you share some fond memories of our high school days.  The school has a reputation for producing engineers, accountants, doctors, lawyers, judges, scientists, mathematicians, computer (person)s, and other generally successful people (including soldiers and police.)  Our class grew up in turbulent times, and some of us didn’t make it.  Time will tell about my writing career and if the Network produces one good deed.

          I sincerely hope you are doing well.  Feel free to email me or use the blog.   I’ve not done much to publicize it at all.


            P.S.  Noted 1/25 from placemat at Wendy’s 1/23:  About the email address name.  I had hoped to be relatively anonymous years ago, and at the end of the lengthy procedure, Yahoo asked my name.  I was conversant writing you didn’t ask before, not knowing this would serve me for years, not spammed out of existence.          

            This second version ran long.  Also I’m still concerned about the permanent nature of email and I’m already getting a backlash from one of my controversial writings.  Fashions change.  There is an overly conservative concern with propriety, as in the word “inappropriate.”  The question is, by whose standards and to what effect.  And really just how polite is Society?  Social problems remain.  Who cares?  If tolerance is cool in one venue, is censorship appropriate in another?              To me my self censorship seems timid.  But also my life is rated X, so it’s hard to be forthcoming.  Senator Webb gave an excellent speech, and has written several books, and doesn’t seem to have this problem.  This need not be the last word on war.            You know I’m going to have to write about the war soon.           This is related to current events that I keep up with.  Much energy is soaked up by the war.  Nevertheless, this is one of my qualities that qualify me to be a writer.  Many people, whatever their background, HAVE SOMETHING VALUABLE TO SAY.  Additionally, there is my undergraduate degree.  I took many English courses.  And theology courses.  Philosophy.  And there’s my book discussion groups.  And my writers groups.  Writer’s classes.  I watch Charlie Rose critically every night, and until recently watched many culturally relevant movies.  (I wonder if Hollywood is capable…)  All these and life experience shape my writing.  


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