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To My High-Schoolers

January 29, 2007

This is what I’m sending to my H.S classmates:            

                                                                                                                 1/28/07                      Hi Guys!

          You’re doing well, I hope.

         Who was Bob Steele?  Did he have a nickname? 

         Here is my blog:  simultaneously at and (in case of administrative snafu) – and  They are virtually identical – of one cloth.  You may find it important, amusing, embarrassing, provocative, boring, and/or unbelievable.  May you have continued comprehensive prosperity.                                                 Xxxxxxxx ‘79 

This version below did not make the cut: Transcription of what was written at Wendy’s today, referencing David Mamet and The Writer in the Restaurant:


Hi Guys,

          Just a note to say hello and plug my blog.  What I’m doing may be important.  I’ve been to the doctor today, and the line of succession for our CEO, CFO, COO, and Chairman (myself,) may be deferred a little while longer.

          Perhaps you share some fond memories of our high school days.  The school has a reputation for producing engineers, accountants, doctors, lawyers, judges, scientists, mathematicians, computer (person)s, and other generally successful people (including soldiers and police.)  Our class grew up in turbulent times, and some of us didn’t make it.  Time will tell about my writing career and if the Network produces one good deed.

          I sincerely hope you are doing well.  Feel free to email me or use the blog.   I’ve not done much to publicize it at all.


            P.S.  Noted 1/25 from placemat at Wendy’s 1/23:  About the email address name.  I had hoped to be relatively anonymous years ago, and at the end of the lengthy procedure, Yahoo asked my name.  I was conversant writing you didn’t ask before, not knowing this would serve me for years, not spammed out of existence.          

            This second version ran long.  Also I’m still concerned about the permanent nature of email and I’m already getting a backlash from one of my controversial writings.  Fashions change.  There is an overly conservative concern with propriety, as in the word “inappropriate.”  The question is, by whose standards and to what effect.  And really just how polite is Society?  Social problems remain.  Who cares?  If tolerance is cool in one venue, is censorship appropriate in another?              To me my self censorship seems timid.  But also my life is rated X, so it’s hard to be forthcoming.  Senator Webb gave an excellent speech, and has written several books, and doesn’t seem to have this problem.  This need not be the last word on war.            You know I’m going to have to write about the war soon.           This is related to current events that I keep up with.  Much energy is soaked up by the war.  Nevertheless, this is one of my qualities that qualify me to be a writer.  Many people, whatever their background, HAVE SOMETHING VALUABLE TO SAY.  Additionally, there is my undergraduate degree.  I took many English courses.  And theology courses.  Philosophy.  And there’s my book discussion groups.  And my writers groups.  Writer’s classes.  I watch Charlie Rose critically every night, and until recently watched many culturally relevant movies.  (I wonder if Hollywood is capable…)  All these and life experience shape my writing.  


Official – a post again

January 18, 2007


              Hi!  Here’s what I want to do.  In this post I shall include a letter to a friend and list some topics I may further wax upon.  Also some email addresses landed in my lap – I’m working on a message.                                                                                                                               1/10/07

Dear Nxxxx,            Wow!  These dinners are electric, and I don’t like it when they end.                    People say stupid things, and email never goes away.  So speaking for myself, maybe I’ll do better with the blogs.  I mentioned the blog thing and it raises the issue of how to combine my personal life with my internet reality.  Thank you for expressing an interest in what I might have to say.                    Other topics:  how many meals can I …(self censor), if I pay, if any …(self censor) is generated.  Also, the answer to my question, “How can we make the world a better place?”  This is suitable material for the blog.

          I’m sorry that it took so long to mail back to you.  You know my last was rejected.  I’m still thinking of how to publicize the blog, and since my social position is so bad, how things have worked out, I’m still thinking how one world affects the other.  I’m still thinking of you and this business, tonight.                                           

                                                       Your friend,   


Pictures     I should try to upload a logo  Answer what can do          The answer to the question, “What can we do, if we band together, to make the world a better place?” –from two places, was, “Stop the War.”  Keep receipt, pay cash or card          To me it seems, that the above activity qualifies the dining prearranged, as a business meeting. I did not keep the receipt to write off the expenses I paid – for a poor friend who showed up broke (and my own meal.)  I prefer to use cash because I think it keeps the economy humming better.  However, if I get to much grief from restaurants, I may use a debit card, which may be better for record keeping purposes.  I didn’t keep the receipt for $24 including tip.  Share blog with persons already known or publicize other ways.

          I’m leaning more toward the view any publicity, good or bad, can be helpful.  Pre-Bush speech          This meeting was before the Bush Speech, and I did not want to prejudge before the long awaited response to the Baker Hamilton Iraq Study Group findings.  Post-Bush speech           We waited for this?  The neo-con perspective is truly frightening, with the upside that maybe we will get to use all our heavy duty aircraft and bombs to quickly vanquish the infidels.  On the ground, it is hell and horrific, this kicking down doors and walking around as bull’s-eye target practice.  And as somebody else finally said, riding around to get blown up by ied’s (with an inch of dirt on top, I add) sucks.            Murder          So I attend a twelve step meeting, and I think it is the white cops later who yell, “They killed her.”  After they accost me with the feminine name of another accomplice(/victim?) I feel them guys, those other guys, are just the one who would do it. Cabala           Dear Sirs:   I would like to attend your Cabala class, but the $80 fee will be a hardship.  Can we manage a reduction and/or deferred payment schedule? Priests          The Bishop came to my parish and I didn’t tell him how the pastor gave me poison Holy Communion, back a little while. 

Primary blog here?

January 8, 2007

Here is the post at blogger:

The above is how the header is supposed to look, as of now.  The software is not working.

Eventually this site will work like advertising.  For now it’s like an outlet for a starving artist – me.  OK I’m not starving, but it’s close and the network could use some cash for business meal meetings.  So send money.  Soon we can affect markets and prevent small wars.

I may be going over to wordpress to see if their software will let me blog easier.

Also, these posts may be changed, as invariably I stick my foot in my mouth and need to retract.  Also, people are pretty picky these days about complaining about what other people say.  And, email never goes away.  This is a little better in that I can retract.  So this is a little less like the problems Winston faces in the novel 1984.

Eventually we can provide web design too.  We are keeping a spot open.

Finally, in description, this blog and we here are good fighting evil and no less.

You may send money.  Things are so shaky that I cannot guarantee a plug here, but I will try.  Also include any ideas on how you can help the network gain in power, and fight evil.



1452 Forest Hills #7A

ClevelandHts., OH 


Only on WordPress:

Additionally I’d comment on the pain now that keeps me awake and plowing forward.  Furthermore I’d say I’ve a conflict because of a recent poem I wrote, that was somewhat disparaging of restaurants.  I’ll play this by ear because maybe restaurants are a good place to discuss how to make the world a better place.  Maybe.

The network could also use continued internet access and a rubber stamp, I think.

It’s a good thing these things are malleable.  I also look forward to sharing some of my past writings.  For example, maybe an email I’ve sent to some one that went ignored.  Or poetry – something worth reading anyway, I hope.

Hello world!

January 8, 2007