August 15, 2012



            Yes it makes one sad that the country is in a depression.  Like the Great Depression.  Unemployment is high, perhaps 20% or more.  They don’t use the word depression or count persons who have stopped looking for work in their statistics.

            The price of gas hurts the individual and the large economy.  If business picks up, commuters and other demand will put upward pressure on price and drag on prosperity.  Also I want to buy a big old car so this is cramping my style.

            While I’m on the subject of personal complaints, I may mention that quality and availability of products is questionable.  For example, it is difficult if not impossible to find Tylenol brand pain med.  Milk and beer are toxic if not poisonous.  And it matters not if these brands are imported or domestic.

            Heck even Tums are suspect.  Furthermore its probable the Bad Guys have gotten to my pharmacy to make daily living dicey.  But it’s OK; I can go walk the dogs now.



September 14, 2011


Ground Bin Ladin

            We should elect a president who will get or ground Bin Ladin.  The current one has lost the body and hidden pictures, and therefore lied.  Maybe Hillary or Lindsey Graham will do better.


January 19, 2011

Fools Do Fall,
Charlie Rose, George Noory, and David Brooks have a lot to learn. When someone in Tucson shoots their mouth off, maybe the stupid should remain silent.
Charlie was here talking to a Chinese fellow, Charlie in a wild striped suit maybe attempting to spread New Jork fashions. Here I am trying to follow the lead, but it becomes clear these jerks are just a bunch of jerks.
Can you say “Cover Up?”
The shooter was not diagnosed or treated. He was a Big Jerk. He has nothing to do with me.
Big Jerks do fall and some media hounds disgust. Reiterate that these shits pick on the less fortunate. No more “I love you’s.”


November 12, 2010

Blame the Mafia
Blame the Mafia for the recent election fiasco. There is no reason to vote Republican otherwise. And I don’t blame you. Tonight I got poisoned twice with a bottle of sherry and a six pack of beer. They were meant to kill pain but made things worse. The country needs infrastructure, but if the bad guys get money for steel and concrete, forget them. We need education, but if the teachers’ union gets mob money, forget them. Manufacturing jobs? All the employers held out to extort Republican victories. Why – do you like mafia extortion? I don’t. They can go “F” themselves.

Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do. Tit for tat is what I’m saying the employers did. The rich need to be taxed largely because this country historically demands it. I’m talking about 95% like done during the Roosevelt years when he saved the country. And I explained to my counselor that historically the rich get taxed the SAME as the poor, with marginal rates. Which always happens according to 1985 rules.
Anyway, let’s soak the rich for 70% of the marginal rate of their income. Otherwise we need to come up with jobs…


September 23, 2010



Your so veins, you probably think this post is about you. Ha! That’s a joke related to my favorite singer on the one hand, and true if you are a citizen of America on the other hand. What we have here is a two handed economist (me,) promoting the book Open Veins of Latin America by Robert Galeano. The news is about a year and a half old and I don’t feel comfortable attempting a full fledged review of Chavez’s book gift to Obama. But I can say something.

It’s not like I’m trying to be a Socialist, but the word is Imperialism. It’s not only the English speakers; what the Spanish did to those indigenous Indians is massive mortal sin in my humble opinion. For example, the poor were worked to death in the mines. Thus veins as in mineral deposits. Furthermore here is a list from the Index of natural resources and products that have been taken from way south:

Aluminum (Bauxite,) Animal products, Bananas, Beet Sugar, Cacao (chocolate,) Cattle, Cigars, Coca (cocaine,) Coffee, Copper, Cotton, Diamonds, Gold, Guano, Gypsum, Hides, Indigo, Iron, Lead, Manganese, Mercury, Molybdenum, Natural Gas, Nickel, Niobium, Oil, Opium, Pearls, Pepper, Petroleum, Pyrochlore, Quinine, Rubber, Salt, Saltpeter, Silver, Spices, Sugar, Sulfur, Thorium, Timber, Tin, Tobacco, Uranium, Zinc

Other fruit too is an example where the laborers get paid pennies, and wholesalers in countries like the U.S., England, Portugal, and Spain get the big bucks in dollars, pounds, etc. Coffee is another example. The entire above list serve as examples where the poor stay poor and the rich get rich. This isn’t a review, it’s a description of a difficult to read masterpiece. If you are an economist, it’s got statistical data out the yin yang. While I’ve heard there are lies, damn lies, and statistics, I feel these numbers are helpful. Maybe historical conspirators are our guys as they hail the red white and blue in American English. Maybe we can afford a more fundamental fairness as the hombres eek out frustrating dangerous livings. The book cries for evenhandedness.

 Which reminds me, I haven’t railed at the mafia lately. For my fans I promise to return to well deserved punishment of the bad guys.

Bloody Black Earth

August 18, 2010


Bloody Black Earth

            Hi!  I left a comment on another place where I said Islam should be stomped into the bloody black earth.  I was virulent and buzzed.  However I do not retract that Muslims are some of the most intolerant people.  It is in the Koran.  Thankfully my girlfriend has consented to read Infidel.

            My hero Margaret Warner reported today from the site of a bombing in Iraq where the blood ran in pools of water seven feet wide.  It was red and I probably would have barfed in person.  I’m not such a tough guy, but I want to get my shots in.  The bombing was by intolerant radical Moslems.

            The thread over there perhaps implied I was Christian or even Church defending Catholic.  Forbid.  The insensitive church closings show that maybe one should punch an insensitive priest or bishop for Jesus.  When I went to school they never apologized for the Inquisition, or promised it would not happen again.  I hope a woman or man does not get burned at the stake for growing medicinal herbs in the back garden.  We need to be vigilant.

            The U.S. pays lip service to being free.  May you be forever clear of Evangelicals.  On a radio show I heard an every day variety Mohamed phone proclaim that they would triumph.  Perhaps I will need their help against a certain Mafia.  I recently heard Machiavelli got his ideas from the Arab east before the Sicilians. Turn to stone.  My pain speaks volumes on a bloody black earth.

Eliot Ness

July 7, 2010


Eliot Ness

            This is to complain that the beer that I bought, paid good money for, is poisoned and created pain for my testicles.  The beer is called Eliot Ness after the Cleveland Safety Director.  He fought the Mob.  The Mob is still fighting back, I believe, because they are evil incarnate.

            So, Great Lakes Brewing Company, do you want to sue me?

            Payback is a mother on the street.

            Your friend,


Two Jerks

July 7, 2010


Two Jerks

            Tonight I was happy to edit the last post; jerk, jerk.  I think I’ll keep it.  I meant to say there is too much push on the combination of sex and violence which scares women and promotes the use of prostitution.  Consider it done here.

            Jerk refers to Charlie Rose who had on a French apologist for the nuclear industry.  She’s a jerk too.  She could not explain the advantages that the fourth generation nuclear power plants have on our death trap Simpson plants.  I think I’ve heard these plants are safe.  But they dropped the ball.

            She did say climate change.  Which is a hoax when they couldn’t make global warming stick.

            The Cavs are close to signing Chris Bosh.  If LeBron goes now, he will get nuked.

Good Riddance

June 24, 2010


Good Riddance Charlie

            Sorry Charlie was taken up by another post in the distant past I believe.  Tuna from one company are now covered in oil.  Charlie Rose spent two whole shows on Stig Larson.  Charlie is about to go ignored.  Lebron will not be missed.

            Stig Larson is a famous author who wrote books called men who hate women 1, 2, and 3.  The publishers after his death changed the first to The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.  Then there are two more Danish movies, well fuck them.  These books combine sex and violence.   When I did not have a girlfriend I chastised the prevailing bullshit.  That is, I hate you for saying I love you is not good enough.

            Pull myself together.  Get rid of Lebron James like I don’t care either way when they played the Spurs and got swept because they had no offense.  Fire the coach and keep Z.  Fire the coach and keep Z.  Save.   Save you.


May 5, 2010

Sympathy for Israel
When Israel attacks Iran they are going to need a lot of sympathy. Ships are going to be sunk in the Persian Gulf and gasoline will go up to like 10 dollars a gallon. Americans are not going to be happy.
I am in so much pain right now. Not only am I blaming it on the mafia, I’m blaming it on the Jewish mafia. They let me know it was them by breaking into my girlfriend’s car as we were shopping at a grocery store in a Jewish neighborhood. My cup was poisoned to the extent that I immediately felt pain after we returned to the vehicle and sipped the beverage. Who controls that neighborhood?
One state solution people get a break from me. They say G-d gave them the land and they don’t need to share it. I’ve been waiting to hear what if anything they are going to do for the Palestinians. According to Noam Chomsky on HuffPo the IDF are sniping at farmers near Gaza. One of my advisors calls the Palestinians dogs. Seriously. Maybe she’s right and the Palestinians deserve to be treated poorly. I don’t know.
It would be nice for America’s place in the world with Arabs if there was peace in the Middle East. However, as I’ve pointed out in the book Infidel, Islam is not peaceful nor tolerant. If you think of it, religions on their own are not tolerant – they each think they are number one. It is only because our government separates Church and state that we are not pushed around by our religions.
I’ve been coming down on the side of a swift exit from Afghanistan, in part because I don’t think the U.S can police the world to make it unsafe haven for terrorism. The world is just too big, and the U.S. does not have the right to invade every country. Maybe for Israel’s sake the U.S. should pick fights or wars with as many Muslim countries as possible. I’m just not supporting that.
I am thankful to a lot of Jewish people that I’ve met. If I’m up against this kind of mafia, there is hell to pay.